Jnr Vice President Report – May 2016

Hillside Football Club

Junior Vice-President Update – May 2016

Hello All,

It has been a while since my last update and thought it would be good to provide you an update from the juniors.

2016 season has come around so fast and we have had to adapt unlike in previous years to a number of firsts at the club this season:

  • Proposed Parents forum, will be held post 14th May 2016
  • Club funded coaches training courses for all coaches to attend if they wished
  • Squads for u14s and u16s (trialling in season 2016)
  • Code of conduct online and part of membership in EDFL and Hillside Sharks
  • Team App updates are now our daily “norm” that it’s unusual if we are not receiving daily updates
  • Website with latest info included and being used by many at the club
  • Free cap or beanie with membership
  • No training or practice games on home ground due to turf wicket being put in at Shark Park
  • Eftpos in the canteen for all your food and drinks needs at the club
  • We have entered our first Under 8 side into the competition

We have appointed all of our coaches by Round 1 (only just), with much work by all involved over this period and your efforts are very much appreciated. The club are fielding 12 teams in the EDFL this season.

We have had a hard summer in many instances none more in under 12’s where we have lost many kids for various reasons some of which include: kids transferring to other clubs, many going to other sports including basketball and soccer. Soccer being the biggest taker of our kids. Note: George cross now has 19 junior soccer teams and due to the fact we have no access to Taylors Hill on a Friday night, which has never occurred before. Our results in the under 12s are a reflection of this to date, but as always the kids will work hard and the results will come with much fun had along the way. They are all doing well and trying their hardest and much praise coming your way from the committee for your persistence and love for the game.

Our under 8’s have settled in at the club and are enjoying getting out there and playing footy. Our under 10’s, under 14’s, and under 16’s are doing well and all seem to be happy and enjoying their footy as we commence round 4.

Thank you to all involved in the club and to the volunteers who help out each week to keep all teams and club running, without you all we cannot function. Many have put in countless hours to get us to this point with countless more to go.

Congratulations to all the kids that have played milestone games so far this season and congratulations for those of you with milestones to come in 2016 season. This is a great achievement and is celebrated by all at the club.
Many of you may not know but, we have a record number of kids playing representative football this year with EDFL Representative Squads, Western Youth Girls and Western Jets, congrats to all the boys and girls involved. All at the club wish you and your families well.
We have much to do to keep things moving along and always looking for ideas to implement for our juniors, so if you have something we should consider please let us know.

We have some junior events coming up in the coming months:

  • Junior Team photo’s
  • Junior Hook a Shark
  • Junior Presentations
  • End of season Junior BBQ

 So with all of this in mind I look forward to seeing you all at the junior games and around the club. As always, if you have any questions please let me know.

Best Regards,

Michael Grech,

Junior Vice-President,

Hillside Football Club.

MB: 0418 139 495

Email: michaelgrech16@yahoo.com